Reptiles - Amphibians

This section is devoted to some of the most misunderstood creatures on our planet - those creepy crawlies who we fear or are repulsed by. Reptiles and Amphibians (creatures that stay in both water and on land as Toads & Frogs) play an important role in balancing the ecology of the system

Above is the Pershad's Gecko in the restaurant of Wildernest.
 Meet our local Naturalist at Mollem National Park & Co-Owner of Nature's Nest, Ramesh. He took us for an interesting nature trail and he is seen here demonstrating how to hold a snake with gentleness. Call it snake Etiquette! this is the Common Vine Snake which is classified as mildly venomous.

The Flying Lizard or Draco at Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Another scoop at the Bondla Sanctuary is this Bollinger's Bronzeback. Is a non-venomous snake

Back to Ramesh and our Vine Snake

Now time to catch up with the more Venomous variety of snakes - So meet the Malabar Pit Viper. this handsome guy was right in our resort not far from the Restaurant. Was pretty cool to the way we all gheraoed him for photographs.
 Closer view of Malabar Pit Viper

A common resident of any place is the Little Skink

Nikhil retrieves out the Dobson's Bush Frog from a small pond at Swapnagandha Resort for us

The foam like nest of the Malabar Gliding Frog - a beautiful species that gave calls during the night trail but no show!

Common Vine Snake accommodating an ant - Wildernest Resort

The Morning Trail at Wildernest threw up this cute Marten's Bush Frog close to the Reception

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