Plants - Scenary

The model of the elephant was placed at our resort.

this section will give you some enchanting views as well as pictures of some of the gems at our feet - the wildflowers that come to life during the monsoons in India. some of these are endemic to the Western ghats

this used to be a Portuguese outpost & was an entry point of the Indian Army during the Liberation of Goa

 A small rivulet at the entrance of the Tambdi Surla Temple, Mollem National Park
 Above - a small rivulet through the Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife Sanctuary & below post sunset view of the Swapnagandha valley near Wildernest Resort.

Spiral Ginger

Mexican Floss flower

Mussenda Belilla

Forest Ghost Plant is a root parasite that grows in the latter part of the Indian Monsoon. Note that it has no leaves

Wild Mushrooms

Woodrow's Grape Tree

Blue Fountain Bush