Beautiful Butterflies

Who does not enjoy watching the charming butterflies that flit across our gardens? Monsoon is indeed the season for butterfly watching, and the Western Ghats are a great place to watch some of the interesting species - some of them are endemic to the region.

The Picture above and below are that of the Blue Mormon - a very common species in the region. The butterfly below at Bondla seemed to be rather tame & was willing to pose on us

 Cruiser - female above and male below. Besides having a fondness for plants, this species also loves.....hold your breath....... animal dung and a dead rotting crab! the photo of the female taken at our resort and that of the Male at Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Nigger taken at the Research Station at Mhadei Sanctuary

Common Mormon at Bondla
 Another view of the Common Mormon

Lime butterfly

Common Rose at Bondla

Common Baron at Bhagvan Mahavir wildlife Sanctuary (Mollem)


common Sailor

Great Eggfly

Common Jezebel

Common Gull

Blue tiger

Glassy Tiger distinguished from the Blue Tiger above by its markings and its somewhat lighter blue streaks

Angled Castor

Common Crow

Could this be the female of the Tamil Lacewing?

Another view of the Common Jezebel

The next 3 photographs are of caterpillars. Experts requested to ID them-which butterfly or Moth species do they belong to?

Am informed that this cat is the Mysore Silk caterpillar


  1. Good Collection and info Mam.

    Could this be the female of the Tamil Lacewing?
    Its Danaid Eggfly(Hypolimnas misippus) Female

    Thanks for sharing
    with warm regards

  2. Lovely photos Avi. Remember me, i was with you in last years African Safari.