Mystical Moths - other Insects

This section is devoted to some of those mystical creatures that we human beings love to exterminate! Yet they have their own beauty & an important place in the bio-diversity of any region. Unfortunately there is very limited literature on insects & hence they tend to be a much mis-understood lot. Would request experts to ID some of the species in this section. Unless otherwise indicated, these species were found in our resort located within the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary & many of the moths on the window of our restaurant or in my cottage - Mogra.

Below, the Dragonfly is the Green Marsh Hawk

This nest belongs to the Red ants. click this photo to see an enlarged view

A Honey bee does its pollination work

Above is a snail & below a slug

Another slug

this interesting snap is that of an insect not a leaf

Pls ID this insect

A beautiful insect aptly called the Jewel Betel at Mhadei wildlife Sanctuary

Pls ID this Moth

Is this a Geometrid?

Pls ID this moth

Stick Insect taken just outside our restaurant - Randhan after a rainy day

Owl Moth positioned above the wash basin! Sure you had to carry the camera wherever you went  - even to the loo!

Another Geometrid?

White-spotted Asota

Another Geometrid?

Is this the Atlas Moth?

Pls ID this moth

A slug on my cottage window

Silk Moth in my cottage?

Leaf Insect at the restaurant

Is this a Fruit Piercing Moth?

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