Our Resort - Wildernest is located 60 kms from the nearest rail-head - Thivim. The drive is through a very picturesque countryside dotted with old colonial style homes that are unique to the Goan countryside.(Goa was a former Portuguese colony that gained independence in 1961).The area is called Chorla Ghats nestled comfortably on the border of 3 states - Maharashtra, Goa & Karnataka. the resort covers over 450 sq. kms of land acquired by naturalists in a bid to save it from the ravages of mining. Nirmal Kulkarni & his co-promoters deserve to be heartily congratulated on undertaking this wonderful project. The area also falls within the Mhadei wildlife Sanctuary and each cottage and the facilities are planned keeping the natural ambiance of the place intact. You live in exclusive cottages with exciting names surrounded by forests all round. If you would like to have your own time with nature, this is surely a must visit.

Early morning trails and night trails are also a good experience in the resort and you come across some really interesting species. The first briefing Nirmal gives us to take in both the sights, sounds and even the smell of the forest to really savour it. So here are some scenes to give a visual feel!

Below are some views of the Bar Cloud 9, the Infinity swimming pool as well as inside view of the exotic restaurant - Randhan

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  1. A couple of pics of the flying jewels that you got to see there would have made the page eveen more colourful... :~)

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